Last-But-Not-Least Lola: Going Green

Lola is fed up of being last on the list at school. This is because her name is Z-for-Zuckermann. Much to Lola’s annoyance, her ex best friend, the perfect Amanda Anderson, is always first. But Lola has a plan. She decides that she is going to win her class’s Going Green contest. So that she can prove to everyone that, while she may be last, she is by no means least.

The main theme of environment is approached in a brilliantly funny and light-hearted manner. Pakkala also explores other relevant issues for kids, such as forgiveness and friendship. Pakkala perfectly describes life in school. You can really picture yourself in the classroom with Lola, as each character is instantly recognisable. Pakkala does a wonderful job  of creating a very relatable character in Lola. Hope brilliantly illustrates the characters in a lovely, simple cartoon style. These illustrations perfectly capture the funny moments throughout the book.

Overall, it is a laugh-out-loud book, with great illustrations to accompany it. For young readers, it would make a great introductory novel. There is a good balance between text and illustration. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. So it’s Amanda Anderson vs. Lola Zuckermann. Who will win the Going Green Contest?