Lemur Dreamer

Courtney Dicmas has created a beautiful story of friendship and support. While all the animal residents of Pebbly Lane live quiet, ordinary lives, Louis the lemur can be counted on to bring a bit of excitement to every night. Louis walks in his sleep! While his night-time wanderings usually cause a bit of mischief, he can’t really help it. His friends are very understanding. But as time goes by, Louis gets a bit more adventurous. One night, he goes further than usual and it’s up to the other residents to follow him and keep him safe as he heads off far from home. They all have just one question: what could Louis be dreaming about?

Not only does this book show the wonderful things that can happen when friends support their extraordinary friend without trying to change him, but it addresses some very important issues in the mind of a child. Sleep-walking can cause a good bit of fear, but it is addressed here with reassurance and comfort. Louis is watched over by his friends, who are there to make sure he is safe, wherever he might wander. Tolerance and consideration are re-enforced. There is a gentle humour and whimsy in the text and illustrations, yet the story has just the right amount of excitement and adventure to hold attention. The colours and line-work add a subtle, peaceful quality, making this a perfect bedtime story. Truly enjoyable, utterly charming, expressive and sweet, Lemur Dreamer will become a firm favourite!