Let The Dice Decide: Roll the Dice to Create Picture and Word Mash-Ups

Freelancer illustrator Sophie Foster has created an action-packed fill-in book for drawing and doodle lovers, but with a twist – all creations are determined by the roll of a dice! Over 60 pages of creative ideas involving aliens, super villains, dragons, and misfits, invite you to design your own dog and uncover your future: the dice holds (almost) all the answers to all-important life questions!

Foster’s quirky illustrations are humorous and her use of bold lines, playful colours and unexpected items make each activity extra fun. Let the Dice Decide is a friendly creative nudge for young artists who find themselves in search of drawing inspiration without the burden of having to come up with something. If ever in doubt, let the dice decide! And you don’t even have to buy a dice! The last page of the book contains two templates to be cut, glued and assembled – and used of course.

Wondering what to draw next? Simply roll the dice and discover what you’ll be creating! A great book to exercise creativity, ignite imagination and develop activity focus.