Lily and Bear

Lisa Stubbs’s Lily and Bear brings us the simple tale of a little girl, Lily, who loves to draw. She becomes friends with one of her own characters, Bear. Lily shows bear around her world, a world of tea parties and cycling and singing. Then Bear shows Lily what it’s like to live like a bear; they pick berries, catch fish and scratch their backs on trees. So between the little girl and her imaginary pal, the two learn to live equally with one another and to share their different worlds. Illustrated with Stubbs’s bright multi-media imagery, this is a light and bright read. With no real tension or problem to work through, I can’t help but wonder if an even simpler format for the book might not have worked better. Perhaps it might have worked as a picturebook with even less or no text at all. That would allow the reader and child to come up with their own descriptions of the scenes. With the text that we are given, I feel it is aimed at an age that might have been able to handle a sub-text. Never the less, the illustrations are very pleasing and a night-time read about two happy friends who take turns to show each other around their worlds would no doubt send a child to sleep with pleasant dreams.