Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

Humza is determined he is going to make it big. With his sidekick, aka best friend Umer, by his side, how could he fail to realise his potential to become the greatest rapper Eggington has ever seen or heard? The problem is it’s hard to follow your path to greatness when it is blocked by a cricket-obsessed father and more interfering aunties that any child should be forced to endure. Life becomes even more complicated when the teachers at his school start to disappear, replaced by an ever-increasing army of plump aunties determined to feed everyone in sight until they burst. But when they mess with his music, Little Badman has had enough.

This hilarious tale of a self-styled, unappreciated musical genius is funny from the first page to the last. Comedian Humza Arshad and screen-writer Henry White do not hold back, piling on the gags and funny moments in this over-the-top but perfectly judged comedy caper. This book screams of writers who are confident in their ability to be funny and that confidence allows them to push it to a new level. Everyone can endure to a plump overpowering auntie, but when they start running in packs they are a truly frightening prospect. A genuinely laugh-out-loud read with an unlikely hero that everyone can relate to, Little Badman also at times skillfully shows both the awkward and tender moments that family life can bring. Ideal for age 9-12 and for anyone with an auntie!