Little Mole is a Whirlwind

Little Mole really is a whirlwind. He can’t stop moving, is always fidgeting, breaks things and constantly forgets what he’s supposed to be doing. His classmates avoid playing with him. Little Mole is ‘wearing so many labels he doesn’t know who he is’. His teacher doesn’t know what to do. His parents, at the end of their rope, eventually find an advert in the paper: Serena the Forest Bunny can make learning fun. Over time, Little Mole and Serena play, make things, and talk. Little Mole tells Serena all about his feelings, his worries and the problems he has at school. Can Serena help Little Mole in time for him to finish his special end-of-year project?

With a concise story that moves as quickly as Little Mole himself, this picturebook brings humour and reassurance to children and parents alike. This book deals with ADHD, hyperactivity, and other (often undiagnosed) conditions with a very positive, understanding and spirited outlook. Showing Little Mole’s point of view; how it really feels for the child to be ‘labelled’ is particularly moving. The illustrations are lively, expressive and fresh, using a collage/mixed media approach that creates a very child-friendly atmosphere throughout the book. The colour palette changes as Little Mole receives acceptance that allows him to focus better and become more confident. All the while, it is telling an enjoyable and fun tale that needs to be told. It’s about time! This is a very special book.