Little Mouse and the Red Wall

One can judge a picturebook by its cover! When opening my package, unwrapping the brown box and the bubble wrap to reveal the joy of a stunning picturebook, it was like receiving a gift in the post. Little Mouse and the Red Wall is a story about facing our fears, discovering freedom, and travelling into the unknown. Like the story itself, when you remove the red wall dust jacket, behind it is a cover exposing a whole other world, a world of colour and curiosities.

Little mouse lives behind the Big Red Wall with friends – Scaredy Cat, Old Bear, Laughing Fox and the Lion Who Had Lost His Roar. The thought of what lies beyond the wall fills them with fear, but Little Mouse is curious. Then one day a colourful bird flies over the wall and our brave Little Mouse asks ‘Can you take me to your world, Bluebird?’ The other side of the wall shows all the luminous possibilities of taking chances.

Teckentrup’s fine art background brings an extra layer to the illustrations which are tastefully textured. The nature of animals has been truly captured in this book which shows their vulnerability and their innocence – a sign of a true animal lover! The story has a lovely flow and there are many strong sentences that are little messages to us all. This book is sophisticated; a classic, beautifully written and illustrated by Teckentrup who poetically paints a strong message.