Little Wise Wolf

This delightful story presents us with a deeply philosophical question: where and how do we find wisdom? Little Wolf has become known as Little Wise Wolf because he reads so many books and knows so many important things. He spends his life reading and learning about the world. His friends come to him with their problems, but he has no time for them – there are so many new facts to be learned. And then the king asks for help. We follow Little Wolf as he journeys reluctantly to the castle – and as he trudges and climbs and plods wearily on, he encounters many problems for which he has no solutions. He realises that perhaps he is not that wise after all.

In the hands of a different illustrator we might well feel annoyed at, or less than empathetic with Little Wolf, but instead, Siemensma has created a little character with whom we fall instantly in love. Those sweet little red boots are just perfect. The pictures have a rich and soft texture. The many doublepage spreads envelope and immerse us in the natural world of the characters. The palette is muted to almost monochrome at times, so that details like the midnight feast table at the end have a gorgeous luminosity. This is a perfect readaloud – adults and young readers alike will delight in the childlike quality of the artwork.