Loki’s Wolves

Armstrong and Marr launch an ambitious series with Loki’s Wolves, creating the premise for what is sure to be an exciting adventure. In this first instalment Matt, Laurie and Fen, descendants of the Norse gods Thor and Loki, set out on a path to stop Ragnarӧk—the end of the world. They must gather the other teenage descendants of gods and work together to capture valuable weapons in preparation for the final battle.

Loki’s Wolves is full of adventure and sure to keep readers entertained, with danger at every turn from various monsters and evil forces. The book seems to false start a few times as different characters are introduced and plot is established, but it seems that this will pay off in subsequent books. Each chapter is focalized through either Matt, Laurie or Fen’s perspective, allowing readers multiple views to identify and engage with. The characters, particularly Fen, are well formed and complex enough to keep readers interested in their individual motivations as well as the action of the story.

Xaviere Daumarie’s manga-style illustrations pepper the book well, offering another way for readers to engage with the story. The styling of the illustrations give a nod to the Thor comic books, while the drawings themselves help readers to visualize the physical attributes of mythological characters they may not be familiar with.
Although this series seems most appropriate for middle grade readers, this would be a great book to give to a younger reader who could then follow the series. The language is not so sophisticated as to make it intimidating, the illustrations make it attractive, and the adventure will hook readers of all ages.