Look Both Ways

When the school bell rings the walkers are finally set free. For ten blocks there are no parents or teachers telling them what to do. They can talk about bogies, make jokes, face bullies, and hear about the school bus that fell from the sky. In ten blocks and ten tales we find out what really happens on the walk home from school.

Look Both Ways is published by Knights Of, an inclusive publishing house dedicated to creating quality content for all children that has been edited, produced and designed by as many people, from as many different cultural, ethnic, economic and social backgrounds and abilities as possible. This diversity is consequently reflected in the range of stories chosen for publication.

Look Both Ways is a good example of how this ethos works and works brilliantly. The ten tales included here are both surprising and touching, featuring a diverse range of memorable characters with thoroughly relatable problems, both minor and serious. The writing is warm and empathetic and the structure allows all the walkers to shine in their individual stories while also cleverly linking each tale together. We even find out exactly how that school bus fell from the sky.

Author Jason Reynolds has written several award-winning stories for teenagers and here he proves just as adept at writing for younger readers. There are serious themes here and each is explored gently with great kindness and never in a patronising or simplistic way. The book is also highly entertaining and the short story format should suit readers of all abilities. No-one will be bored reading this triumphant book. Highly recommended.