Looking After William

A beautifully illustrated début picturebook, this is a story of family and love, but with a twist! William is not a little boy, but a dad, whose daughter, at least in her eyes, is looking after him. Mummy goes out in the morning, discreetly slipping out in the back of a picture, and it is up to the daughter to act as mummy and help her dad with his day. Told from the perspective of the daughter, the joy of the book comes from what slips between what the words say and what the detailed pictures show, for example the small girl bouncing on the bed to wake up a sleeping father insisting that ‘William likes to get up early.’ The book shows a beautiful bond between father and daughter and the domestic world is shown through the eyes of a young child. It ends with many imaginative, colourful spreads of all the things her dad could be, a chocolate maker, a lion tamer, but, in the heart-warming ending, he actually has the greatest, most adventure-packed job of all, being her dad.

The illustration is bright and colourful, filled with details that link the pages together; a curious, mischievous cat and motifs of astronauts and space memorabilia appear in the background of many pages. Set in the world of the home, the swimming pool, the supermarket, it is a world many children will recognize, especially seen through the imaginative eyes of the little girl. Heart-warming and fun.