Looking after your Mental Health

If someone has broken their arm and it is covered with a plaster cast, it’s fairly obvious to everyone what is wrong. If someone suffers from a mental illness, this may be less easily identifiable. We live in a world full of stress. For teenagers there are many pressures which affect their quality of life emotionally, socially and vocationally. This excellent little book offers practical tips and strategies for dealing with life challenges faced by teenagers such as depression, bullying, toxic friendships and a variety of self-esteem problems. The reassuring message repeated continuously throughout the book is that, no matter how big or how small a problem is, support is out there from family, friends, teachers, doctors, other health professionals and so on. In times of trouble no one should feel they are on their own.

The book is very attractive with a bright, teen-friendly cover. The lay-out of each chapter, with short paragraphs and quirky black and white illustrations, makes the information easily accessible whether working systematically through the book or just dipping in and out. Usborne Quicklinks provide links to websites with helpful online resources and there is also a very useful glossary and an index.

Studies have shown that children and young people who learn how to look after their mental health will be better equipped to do the same throughout their lives. This book will help point them in the right direction.
Highly recommended.