This sumptuous book is a ‘gathering of facts, thoughts and observations’ by the illustrator-author Marc Martin (A River, Templar Publishing, 2016 is a recent offering). The book is a festive blend of the best of Charley Harper’s ecological awareness and Miroslav Sasek’s penchant for mapped guidebooks.

The information is divided geographically by cities and though there is less structure than the average ‘Map of the World’ style book, there is certainly more humour. There is only one ATM on the continent of Antarctica, there are 3,862 windows in the Chrysler Building in New York, and in Tokyo lobster can be purchased from a vending machine.

Martin’s loose, bright illustration work is wholly original and appealingly traditional. The pages are alive with rich colours and hand-lettered text. There are wonderful intricate details in each spread that often lead to further exploration and possibly a quick Google search. Martin offers a warning in the introduction of the text that the reader might be left ‘with more questions than answers’ and in this case, it is a delightful predicament.

It is the sign of a good book when the reader does not want it to end! Thankfully, LOTS ended with a promise that ‘there’s still lots more to explore’. A sequel would be most welcome, so maybe there will be LOTS MORE.