Lulu’s First Day

Tomorrow is a big day for Lulu, she is starting preschool. She thinks it will be like story time at the library, but this time she will stay be herself. She has visited the school, packed her new bag, chosen her clothes and packed some extra, just in case! The day arrives and we follow Lulu from the obligatory photograph on the doorstep through each sequence of her day.

This is a lovely book for children and parents taking the big step to preschool. Rosalind Beardshaw’s bright, colourful illustrations fill each page, and together with Ana Mc Quinn’s words, they succeed in bringing Lulu to life as a confident, lively little girl ready for her big adventure.

Pre-school is portrayed as a busy, fun place to be and the characters are drawn from a variety of cultures and ethnicities, reflecting contemporary life for today’s children. This is part of a series of first experience books where Lulu embarks on milestones encountered by young children.

Lulu’s First Day will help parents to prepare their child for preschool, viewing it as a positive experience and while the subject matter is aimed at very young children, the text could also be read by a slightly older sibling and so could be a nice way of involving them in the preparations for the big day too.