Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street: A collection of recipes to share

This picturebook is also a recipe book for young readers. It has a very slight narrative, in which the residents in the various flats in the titular house create a contribution to a shared meal in the garden.

The residents of the house cook foods from around the world. Everyone chooses to cook a special dish, so whilst Mr Singh makes coconut dahl with his daughter and Mister Ibrahim makes baba ganoush, Maria mashes some avocados to make guacamole. There is tension regarding whether everyone will get their dish ready in time, but of course they do, and in the final image everyone is depicted chatting in the garden and to their neighbours over the wall.

The point of this picturebook, then, is about unity and diversity, showing that we have much in common, no matter where we originate, especially in the form of good food. The illustrations are in watercolour and coloured pencils and employ muted tones. Each double-page spread, except the final two, which are dedicated to everyone leaving their flats with their dishes and gathering in the garden, depicts a resident at work in their kitchen, whilst facing them are images of the ingredients for their chosen dish, along with the quantities needed and the recipe.

This is a celebration of community filled with recipes and instructions appropriate for young chefs. It includes vegetarian, meat and fish dishes, dips, desserts and a range of main courses.