Mad About Monkeys

Owen Davey is mad about monkeys, and by the end of this beautiful non-fiction book so will you be. Lovingly designed and illustrated, this encyclopaedia primer will introduce you to the most fascinating of our cousins from around the world and teach you how to tell them apart.
I have grown up watching David Attenborough on TV and thought I was well versed on the monkeyverse. But with over 260 different species of monkeys in the world this book had plenty of surprises for me. Each species of monkey has something unique that makes them fascinating, from their social life, use of tools, ingenious ways to gather food or how they communicate.
There is just the right balance of facts, stories, humour and diagrams on each page to keep you hooked, entertained and wanting to turn the page. I was actually quite disappointed when I got to the end of this.
The book itself is gorgeous. Full colour, stylised illustrations, heavy paper and the hardback cover just screams quality and loving care. This was obviously a work of passion for the author and that love shines through.
If I must pick an age range for the book I would say  5-7 and 8-10, but honestly my 40-year-old self also loved it. Recommended.