Mango & Bambang: The Not-A-Pig

The Not-a-Pig is Book One in a new series from author Polly Faber and illustrator Clara Vulliamy. Featuring a wonderful new heroine called Mango Allsorts, who by her own admission is good at all sorts of things, and indeed she is, as the stories collected here go on to prove. 
When Mango finds a new friend in Bambang, an Asian tapir (and definitely not a pig) they embark on a series of adventures involving making new friends, nasty neighbours and trying on hats – one of Bambang’s most favourite things to do.
The Not-a-Pig is Polly Faber’s first book but the confident storytelling and witty word play displayed here augur well for the continuing series. Clara Vulliamy has previously illustrated the Dixie O’Day series and her style is both instantly familiar and excitingly modern, and adds immense value and charm to the stories contained within.
The book is a delight from start to finish. Not only does it look beautiful with its cover and illustrations all strikingly rendered in black, white and purple, but it has a warmth and wit in its storytelling that makes each story a joy to read. 
Mango herself is character to savour, and her bravery, cleverness, kindness and love of adventure should make her a very appealing heroine to girls and boys everywhere.
The Not-a-Pig would be an ideal gift for a newly confident reader who will surely treasure it as both a thing of beauty in itself and as a wonderful introduction to two characters who will surely become the popular stars of many further adventures.