Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx (Brownstone’s Mythical Collection)

Marcy finds it hard to believe that the tales of adventure and exploration told to her by her father Arthur are anything more than just that – exciting stories. She just can’t see how her slightly portly dad could be that brave, especially when the creatures from her dad’s amazing adventures fill the shadows at night, terrifying her.

On her very first adventure with her dad her fear wins and, waking the next day, she finds him gone. Determined to track him down, she follows the clues to Egypt and an adventure of her own.

In this second book in the Professor Brownstone Mythical Collection from Joe Todd-Stanton, we again meet an unlikely hero that takes us on a journey through time, history and myth. Expertly combining the clarity and space of a picturebook with the more detailed style of a graphic novel, he has created a real treasure trove of a book that will appeal to readers from 5 right up to 9 or 10. This combination of detail and space really works – the star map on the inside cover provides great detail, for example, while the map on page 20 says it all through imagery. A brave and unique book in a trend-filled picturebook market that works well for solo reading and reading together.