Margaret’s Unicorn

With youngsters yearning for freedom and space, this lulling, magical tale proves the perfect antidote for those who have recently struggled with feelings of isolation. Briony May Smith utilises a rich and complex palette to portray the expansive and rugged landscape of the highlands, as a young girl and her family relocate to a remote cottage in the mountains. With a freedom alien to most children, Margaret explores her new surroundings in awe as striking, expansive landscapes unfurl from each page. In a fortuitous and unexpected turn of events, Margaret stumbles upon an abandoned unicorn foal which she takes under her wing, two lone souls in need of companionship united by serendipity. Seeking advice from her beloved grandmother, Margaret learns how to nurture and care for her new companion, growing and flourishing together as the seasons and time gently passes them by. As Margaret adapts to her new life, the time comes to say goodbye to her beloved friend. Bittersweet separation allows a newly independent and confident Margaret to from new friendships.

Margaret’s Unicorn is charming and assuring tale of adjustment, imagination, freedom, and a true celebration of the seasons. Pure magical escapism.