Mariella Queen of the Skies

Mariella is a talented inventor, the only problem is that something is interrupting her thinking and inventing time…

Eoin Colfer has created an engaging and witty story about the bane of every child’s existence – bedtime. Mariella spends most of her time coming up with ideas for ingenious inventions, but it always seem that just when she’s in the middle of perfecting her ideas it’s time for bed. Mariella tries to solve the problem of bedtime herself, but after some noble failures decides to consult her science teacher. The only way to evade bedtime, they discover, is to try to escape the darkness of night, but Mariella has to figure out just how she can do that.

This gorgeous book is a celebration of ideas and thinking through problems while also confirming how important bedtime is for bright minds. The brilliant illustrations by Katy Halford show us just how clever Mariella’s inventions are and might even inspire other junior inventors to use the materials around them.