Marsh Road Mysteries: Diamonds and Daggers

Heart-warming and appealing to all ages, award-winning children’s author, Elen Caldecott, delivers through amusing idioms and clever writing a story that is read with a smile in the form of Marsh Road Mysteries: Diamonds and Daggers.

Excitement stirs for the residents of Marsh Road as they await the arrival of Hollywood actress, Betty Massimo. Piotr and his friends, Minnie and Andrew, are amongst those desperate to catch a glimpse of the celebrity star, but disaster soon strikes when Betty’s diamond necklace is stolen, and Piotr’s Dad has become the prime suspect in the case. Piotr faces a race against time to keep himself from being forced to follow his father back to Poland, and it is up to him and his friends to solve the mystery of who stole Betty Massimo’s diamonds.

Diamonds and Daggers possesses a welcome nostalgic throwback to Enid Blyton’s popular children detective series of yesteryear such as the classical favourites ‘Secret Seven’, the ‘Five Find Outers’ and the ‘Famous Five’. While not as complex or as detailed as the aforementioned, the plot is easy to follow, and the self-appointed amateur detectives display a strong bond of friendship and impulsive innocence through their highly likeable characters in an entertaining tale which leaves you guessing the thief’s true identity throughout. 

The first instalment of her first fiction series, Elen Caldecott’s Diamonds and Daggers is a strong foundation to Marsh Road Mysteries, which is certain to become a much beloved children’s series for years to come.