Mary’s Hair

Mary hates her hair, it’s bushy, big and full of bits! You wouldn’t be surprised to find a nest of swallows on it. Mary wants hair like all the other girls, blonde and straight and tame enough to go into pigtails or plaits. Mary is so fed up of her hair she decides that it’s time for a new look. Having cut off all of her curls (when her mammy wasn’t looking) and a wonky fringe (that can be sorted if you tilt your head to one side), Mary looks like a supermodel. Well, in her own mind.

But when her mammy finds out she makes Mary promise never to cut her own hair again. But she never said she couldn’t try it on other people… Which in fact goes very wrong and an unfortunate incident with a dog occurs. Again Mary’s mam finds out and makes her promise not to cut her or anybody’s hair. But she didn’t say she couldn’t dye or perm it…

This is a cheeky story with a sparky mischievous girl that made me laugh, because most little girls have attempted this, even me! The language is simple and is great for children with dyslexia, accompanied by fun illustrations that pick out the words and bring them to life.

There are also fun features like the fold-out flaps on the cover where you can spot the difference and a drawing activity.
For 5-10 Years. But really anybody can read it!