Meet the… Ancient Greeks

Meet the… Ancient Greeks offers a beautifully quirky, yet authentic look into the Hellenes people. This book is a follow up to two previous titles Meet the… Ancient Egyptians and Meet the… Ancient Romans.  It was such a fun read whilst being exceptionally informative too!

Loaded with information and facts, each page looks at different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. This book is charmingly colour-coded, with orange and black illustrations which complement the characters’ clothes, the living spaces and the pottery. Despite the busyness of this book, it is delightfully easy to navigate.

Humour is the main ingredient that makes it so interesting and appealing. I found myself giggling throughout as the pages are packed with funny comments and illustrations. The bright timelines, maps and graphic-novel style chapters put you right into the shoes of the Ancient Greeks, making you feel very much at home!

An excellent addition to any library or personal collection, Meet the… Ancient Greeks is a must read for anyone looking to learn about this fascinating civilisation and its people.