Meet the Artist: The Pre-Raphaelites

Meet the Artist: The Pre-Raphaelites is full to the brim with inspiring activities for young art historians and artists alike. In this art activity book author Helena Perez Garcia provides a brief introduction to Pre-Raphaelite art by exploring stand out themes and ideas used by the artists. She highlights leaders of the Pre-Raphaelite movement such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Julia Margaret Cameron and Ford Maddox Brown.

The author uses text and imagery to encourage children to interact with art as a way of introducing new ideas and encouraging their own art making skills. Readers will paint portraits inspired by the famous works of the Pre-Raphaelites, design their own wallpaper using root veg and create their own photo collages laced with symbolism just like Julia Margaret Cameron. Every page is full of beautifully rendered illustrations with lush foliage as well as works from the famous artists themselves. Garcia introduces a theme or motif and then allows the reader to mimic them in their own way, asking them to draw pictures of their own families similar to Rossetti’s Proserpine.

While this topic of book could seem to be aimed at young readers, it could be given to mature readers who have an interest in art. An activity book like this one covers a broad spectrum of curriculum subjects like art history, poetry, history and art, while still being engaging for all types of readers. It’s a wealth of information and allows readers to express their own experiences through art-making.