Mega Robo Bros

In the true tradition of the comic strip, Mega Robo Bros is a rip-roaring, action-packed, laugh-out-loud graphic novel set in a futuristic London. Laid out in chapters, and beautifully illustrated with bright, engaging tones, Mega Robo Bros tells the story of the loveable but hyper-active brothers Alex and Freddy. Like any boys of their age, the brothers play, squabble, tell rude jokes and try their best to fit in. However, Alex and Freddy are no ordinary boys. Adopted by loving parents, Dr Sharma, a brilliant scientist, and her husband, a stay-at-home dad, the boys are in fact super-powered robots with advanced cyber personalities. Despite being victims of schoolyard bullying because of their robotic ‘otherness’, the boys are forced to harness their inner cyber powers and fight an evil character who is trying to sabotage the city.

Hilariously funny in parts, with sharp wit and existential wisdom from Freddy’s Philosophy Penguin, who reminds us that ‘hell is other people’, this comic also deals with serious issues such as bullying and cities coming under attack from ‘terrorist’ sources.

London in the future is both recognisable and different. Sky trains and robotic dinosaurs hurtle through the sky above the familiar Victorian terraces below. Supermarkets sell food in neatly packaged boxes, and the junk food of the future is cheese-stuffed dog. People still love their Royal Family, but in this new future the British royals are a mixed-race couple, and women hold key power roles. Witty, clever and engaging, even the most reluctant readers will enjoy Mega Robo Bros.