Mice in the City: New York

In this unique introduction to some of New York’s most renowned buildings, parks and sights, Ami Shin takes us on a journey through a city run by mice. Instead of watching people flock to these sights, we see tiny mice toasting champagne in the Chrysler Building, driving subway trains under Central Park, and sailing past the Statue of Liberty. Every page is alive with activity as Ami Shin presents detailed drawings crammed with characters. In a style reminiscent of ‘Where’s Wally’, readers can play ‘hide-and-squeak’ as they search for a selection of recurring characters in each scene, including a worm in a top hat and a large smiling cat!

The juxtaposition of factual features with fantastical activity is slightly disconcerting at first glance, but soon becomes charming, and with so much to look at and explore, this book offers plenty of talking points. Each double-spread illustration is coupled with a short rhyme briefly explaining what’s happening in the accompanying image. The language is simple and playful, making it perfectly accessible for young readers. The colours used for the pictures are quite daring as neon orange and bright yellow contrast with pastel blue and green. However, the unusual choice of palette works well within this quirky world of urban mice. The overall result is an engrossing picturebook which will keep readers of all ages busy searching and spotting! Read also: Mice in the City: London.