Mindfully Me Series

The Mindfully Me Series is a collection of three books that advocate positive mental health and well-being for children. Each book focuses on encouraging positive self-image and self-esteem for children aged four and upwards.

Book 1 is called It’s Always There and focuses on the use of mindful breathing as a practical method that children can use to help themselves in situations they find stressful. Book 2 is called Where is Happy? and it encourages children to relate to themselves positively and with kindness and empowers them to question if happiness really comes from external sources. Book 3 in the series is called Look Who’s There and helps children to identify, cope with and articulate difficult or challenging emotions.

Louise Shanagher’s delightfully accessible text takes the reader on a journey through their own emotions and into a place where they feel empowered to express and engage with them. Rose Finerty’s playful illustrations provide recognizable and relatable figures for readers to identify with.

This is a wonderfully engaging series that provides real-world solutions and techniques to children coping with everyday problems. Not only that, the series encourages children to become health literate and empowers them to understand not only their own emotions but to relate to others around them too. An invaluable resource for parents and teachers.