The premise of learning to share and the whole idea of ‘mine’ is a good one and worth exploring, however, not sure that it is fully realised in this publication. There’s a fine line between simple and simplistic, and unfortunately, Mine is just slightly on the wrong side.

The storyline is obvious and delivered in the pantomime style of ‘didn’t’ ‘did’, which in fairness is often reflective of children’s style of verbal conflict, however the text is predictable and the ultimate rewards for sharing are a bit shaky although comical.

Visually, the characterisation is well achieved; the contrast between the two likeable characters is comically depicted through the use of gesture, facial expression, colour and scale. However, the illustrations do not expand the text, except when the bird character is introduced and the readers can see him while he is obscured from the viewpoint of the two main characters.

There was an overuse of special digital affects particularly in relation to the background, which became repetitive. Visually, the end result is too bland and stylised with little to intrigue or engage the eye.