Molly and the Stormy Sea

Molly wakes up one morning to find her house completely empty. Her father is out on a fishing trip on stormy seas and now her mother is nowhere to be seen. That can only mean one thing – that her father is missing. And so, over the course of the night, Molly will offer the sea her most precious possessions in order to bring her father home safe.

This collaboration between Doyle and Whitson has produced a beautiful picturebook, accessible to all readers yet sophisticated enough to function on a number of meaningful levels. Themes of love and family abound in Doyle’s delicate prose that is emotive yet never sentimental. The story is wonderfully paced and resonates with the simplicity and power of a fable. Andrew Whitson’s illustrations not only support Malachy Doyle’s text, they elevate and enrich the story. His use of colour and the sense of movement captured in his figures is not only precise but vibrant and exhilarating.

At the centre of the text is Molly herself, her red hair beautifully rendered by Whitson. She, and her connection to her parents, is the heart of the story; her deeply meaningful sacrifices of her most treasured possessions to the sea in order to see her father safely home will move readers of any and every age.

This is a timeless and enchanting fable about the power of faith, the price of sacrifice, and the joy of hope which will be read endlessly by children and adults alike.