Molly Rogers to the Rescue

German author Cornelia Funke is back with another adventure from the marvellous Molly Rogers. The feisty little girl along with her mother Barbarous Bertha take on the nasty pirate Captain Firebeard who is threatening the well-being of the gentle creatures of Monkey Skull Island.

A simple story laid out in ten very short chapters, Molly Rogers to the Rescue has a Dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock. Funke adds a great sense of fun to the writing with the use of alliteration, with great characters like Billy the Bald and Crooked Carl. The story is filled with strong female characters who challenge traditional role models, such as Salty Sally, one-eyed Wilma and brave good pirate Barbarous Bertha.

With the text kept to a minimum, Molly Rogers to the Rescue is all about the stunning illustrations from Edinburgh-based Kasia Matyjaszek. Inspired by naïve art, Matyjaszek’s sketches are childlike in their simplicity, but they perfectly capture the personality of every single character. Her palette of strong colours are eye-catching and bring this silly but charming tale to life. Matyjaszek draws everything in pencil before putting it together digitally, adding colour and texture. Another lovely element of this text is its cultural diversity, with all of the characters having different skin tones. A great introduction to chapter books for young readers.