Monster and Chips

As most readers can attest, everyone loves chips. People from all nations cherish the humble spud. The author, however, turns our attention to monsters. Do they hanker for a hot, crispy, golden chip? Do they crave floury, flakey frites with sides of ketchup, cheese and curry? Joe, our protagonist, may never have pondered such theories until he secured the assistant’s job at Fuzzby’s Diner.

Fuzzby’s Diner is famous for its chips. Excepting its passion for fried and chipped potatoes, Fuzzby’s Diner is a diner like no other. The owner Mr Fuzzby Bixington and his clientele hail from a monstrous universe, where weird creatures and vile varmints lurk. In fact, Joe is the only resident “Hoo-man” at the fast food eatery.  Our hero soon discovers monsters love chips just as much as “Hoo-mans”. Unfortunately, Joe soon discovers that chips are the only familiar fare prepared at the diner. Fuzzby and his team introduce Joe and the reader to new culinary delights such as flattened frog frites and sea snail in snotted cream sauce.

Joe must quickly familiarize himself with magical and erratic ingredients, often with comic results. The author's illustrations heighten the hilarity of the action as comic strip doodles run the entirety of the story. O’Connell creates a sensory experience as we feel, taste, smell and visualize the carte du jour. Fuzzby’s entry into the prestigious Monsterchef contest intensifies the atmosphere of the tale as the reader anxiously awaits the competition results.

This tale tickles the funny bone at every opportunity. Children who have previously enjoyed Horrid Henry and Mr Gum novels will devour this book.  Fans of O’Connell’s sense of fun and literary charms will be delighted to hear that book two is due for publication soon.