Moose Baby

When 17-year-old Jess gets pregnant, she and her boyfriend Nicky prepare for the worst. However, when the baby turns out to be a moose, the young couple are forced to deal with all sorts of unexpected problems!

This book not only looks fantastic with its bright green and pink cover, it is brilliantly written and maintains its amusing aspect even in the more serious parts of the story. Jess has to deal with a wide selection of problems as the baby grows up and, even though it is a moose, the issues that appear in this book are very human.

The characters are lightly developed, but for such a short story I found that it didn’t matter that much, and Jess is a great protagonist as she is witty and very down to earth. It really is an amusing and simple story, which makes it a thoroughly enjoyable book, if a little odd at times. Jess shows us that children should be accepted for what they are which, in this case, is a moose. However, as the moose develops to fully grown within three years, a twenty-one-year-old Jess soon has a teenage child…

This book is suitable for teens and up, as it deals with adult themes.