Mother Tongue

Imagine a world where your very language is taken from you. That is the reality for Letta and the other inhabitants of Ark, a world post environmental collapse. While others accept the new reality of a world of limited words, wordsmith Letta understands that words are power and if they let their words be taken by the dictator of Ark, then they are lost forever.

In this follow up novel to The Wordsmith, Letta is living with the rebels teaching in a hidden school, determined to pass her language on to others. When the rebels are captured, she is cast adrift in the frightening world of Ark, facing a new dictator who not only wants to limit the words that can be used, but to take words away from the people completely. Now with babies disappearing, Letta must figure out what is going on before it is too late.

With climate disaster high on the agenda and protests happening across the globe, Letta’s reality seems chillingly possible and this is what draws you into the story. Letta’s fear and determination become those of the reader as we will her on to save the very thing that makes us human – our words. This is a fast-paced, inspiring tale of determination and hope in a world that seems to have very little. There are lots of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged right down to figuring out who can be trusted and who can’t, and Letta is a fallible yet brave hero that we can all get behind. An of-the-moment page-turner for anyone aged 9-12.