Mr. Mistoffelees: The Conjuring Cat

T.S. Eliot first published Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats in 1939. A series of whimsical poems written to amuse his godchildren, the book became an enduring classic and has been reprinted several times over the years and also forms the basis for the smash hit musical ‘Cats’.

Illustrator Arthur Robins has previously crafted a critically acclaimed picturebook from arguably the most famous of Eliot’s Practical Cats in Macavity. Now he has turned his attention to illustrating the story of Mr. Mistoffelees, a conjurer and trickster with mischief on his mind.

The Eliot poems are enduring children’s classics, and it is wonderful to see them being made accessible and attractive to a new generation of readers. Robins’s illustrations are vivid and fun and bring the story to life with great cleverness and wit. Publishing the poems as individual picturebooks is inspired as Eliot’s rhymes are ideal for reading aloud. However, some of the clever language may need to be explained, so have a dictionary handy as inquisitive pre-schoolers may well want to know the meaning of words such as prestidigitation and legerdemain.

Mr. Mistoffelees: The Conjuring Cat is a lovely treat of a book and should be enjoyed by children and cat lovers of all ages.