Mr Moon Wakes Up

Mr Moon seems to spends most of his time snoozing, making him an excellent bedtime companion but a rather languid playmate. He can’t seem to be tempted by anything, be it games, puzzles or even adventure stories. However, one night our boy protagonist follows Mr Moon through the vines and branches of their wallpaper. As they roam through a magnificent moonlit garden, the boy soon discovers that Mr Moon is no stranger to adventure after all!

Sharpe conjures a cultivated garden of elegant topiary, mazes and fountains, filled with small animals and mythical creatures such as cherubs, mermaids and fauns. The setting bears great resemblance to an elite country estate and the pair engage in leisurely pursuits such as chess, badminton and fishing. Despite the grand and formal aspects, Sharpe manages to create an enchanting dreamland.

The sparse text focuses on the action, allowing the images to bring the dreamy atmosphere into relief. The limited palette of soft blues and greens, punctuated by white and orange, adds to the ethereal quality. Sharpe’s intricate use of line and organic swirling patterns create a tranquil rhythm, mimicking the ebb and flow of the reverie.

Given that the enigmatic Mr Moon is both catlike and doglike, this is an ideal read for those with pets. Readers are likely to imagine what nocturnal adventures their own animal companions get up to!

Sharpe’s delightful début is a perfect bedtime read. Mr Moon Wakes Up will inspire wonder before gently lulling little ones to sleep.