Music: The Definitive Visual History

Music: The Definitive Visual History is DK’s newest volume in their series of encyclopaedias. From flutes made of vultures’ wing bones, to modern electric guitars, this beautifully illustrated reference book charts the evolution of music and musical instruments from the Stone Age to the present day.

Within this volume, discover which composer began writing minuets for the piano at just five years of age, and read about the use of orchestral instruments in film and video-game music.

This book provides a broad overview of music traditions and genres from around the globe: turning the page from a biography of David Bowie, the reader is presented with illustrations and information on twentieth-century Indian classical music.

Each chapter begins with a timeline, highlighting the particular era’s most important music events. Influential composers and performers, such as Beethoven, Gershwin, and The Beatles, are given two-page spreads, which explain the individual or group’s impact on a particular music style. Accompanying each chapter is a box containing a list of the period’s key works, which allows for further exploration of the music style which interests the reader most.

Informing and educating the reader through illustrations and photographs, this book serves as an introductory guide to the study of music history. With the inclusion of a glossary explaining the more difficult musical terms, this book can be appreciated by readers with a basic understanding and knowledge of music, and also by those approaching the subject for the first time.