My Friend’s a Gris-Kwok

So first to explain the title – what is a Gris-Kwok? A Gris- Kwok has the ability to change into any animal, bird, insect or fish. Now, on to the story. When Mike goes to visit his friend Alex one afternoon and babysit little Polly together, Mike is in for a few big surprises. When your best friend is a half Gris-Kwok nothing will be the same again.

This is an entertaining story, turning a standard task on its head. Babysitting a younger sibling is hard enough at the best of times but when they are a Gris-Kwok, things get real interesting, real fast . The illustrations are wonderful and really add value to the storyline.

I enjoyed the story, there are moments when both boys see the world from Polly0turned-fly’s viewpoint – splinters like trees, dust particles up close and personal. This was very creative but wasn’t continued throughout the story with the other animal changes which is a real pity.  The story is well paced.  The ending was as expected but there were several twists and turns. A very enjoyable read.