My Little Book of Big Questions

This is a book about the big questions everyone asks at some stage in their lives: What will become of me? Is it possible to think of nothing? Why can’t I fly? Is it possible to feel too happy? Britta Teckentrup doesn’t answer the questions, but leafing through this attractive picturebook should encourage many interesting conversations.

The award-winning illustrator and writer from Germany accompanies the questions with artwork in a changing palette of colours to suit the mood. Some questions relate to the challenges of navigating childhood: Why are they so mean to me? Why do we all want to be popular? Other questions are more philosophical: Do animals think? Why can’t everything stay the way it is? Is it possible to understand the whole universe?

Taking risks is a common theme running through the illustrations. A child flies like a bird. Another stands on the edge of a diving board. A lone girl balances on a tightrope.

The thoughtful and reflective book ends on an encouraging note, asking: Do you aim high? Isn’t it fantastic just to enjoy dreaming? Don’t we all aim high? Readers will be left with the positive message that they are not alone when they ask these big questions.