My Worst Book Ever!

This entertaining book gives the reader a real, first-hand insight into how NOT to make a picturebook.

Allan Ahlberg fancies that he has a great idea for a picturebook, all about a happy family and their adventures with a snappy crocodile. Unfortunately, every effort he makes to write his story is thwarted, either by coffee-splashing cats, family seaside holidays or paper-eating snails. Even when he finally writes his favourite two words in all the world (‘The End’) on the last page, his troubles are far from over – the artist prefers hippopotamuses to crocodiles, and the artist’s children prefer sticky handprints to pictures of hippopotamuses! And it doesn’t end there; the printer gets all the pages in the wrong order and the book ends up being less of a croco-potamus and more of a damp squib. It’s back to the drawing board for the long-suffering Allan!

A lovely book for children who want to know a little bit more about the (sometimes not so smooth) journey of a book from the initial idea to published tome, this will resonate profoundly with many published authors!