Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small

On first viewing, one might assess this as purely a beautifully illustrated picturebook. It is vibrantly colourful, and some spreads have a subtle hint of Eastern art. This stunning artwork makes Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) Small stand out among other STEAM books.

However, after reading this clever book it is apparent that not only is it beautiful but packed full of interesting information, not just about Nanoscience, but about the world and objects around us. The reader is invited to think about the very tiny building blocks of our entire world and marvel at how even the most miniscule speck on this planet can have a huge, groundbreaking effect on us all.

The interesting subject matter of this book is presented in such a way that it is easy for a young child to comprehend, yet engaging enough for an older child or adult to discuss the topics and reread again and again. It simply and effectively provides technical information whilst at the same time it inspiring young readers to learn and pursue STEAM subjects in school. The language is accessible and it perfectly complements the illustrations.

Nano is informative, uplifting and hopeful. It gives details of some of the joyous possibilities of nanoscience, including a future where the blind can see and the hope that we might never have to wash windows again!