Nellie Choc-Ice, Penguin Explorer

‘Look at that lovely white chest and glossy black wings. She looks just like an ice-cream covered with dark chocolate.’

Nellie Choc-Ice is a Marconi Penguin who lives in the Antarctic with her very, very, very large extended family. Once she masters walking without falling over, she soon becomes a fearless adventurer. Nellie’s love of adventure soon earns her the accolade of the ‘World Famous Penguin Explorer’. Nothing stops her travels – besides her fear of killer whales – until one day she encounters a submarine. The submarine smashes the iceberg that Nellie is perched upon. The drifting iceberg moves quickly and in no time, Nellie has travelled across the Equator to the North Pole. She encounters a pesky seagull, a hungry polar bear and an Arctic fox before meeting Rear Admiral Captain Beardy Beard and his crew, who ensure she returns home safely.

Jeremy Strong’s simple and amusing tale will appeal to emerging readers. Set in an easy to read font on cream-coloured paper, this story is another entertaining read from Little Gems. With lively, fun cartoon-style illustrations by Jamie Smith with an ice-cool palette of blues, greens and whites, Nellie Choc-Ice is sure to create a splash.