Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Nibbles is a little yellow monster, whose huge appetite results in him nibbling through books. Children may be familiar with our eponymous hero from his first book, Nibbles: The Book Monster which saw him chewing through a book of fairy tales and disrupting the stories within. This time Nibbles is back and chomping through a book about dinosaurs. However, the little monster is in danger of being chomped himself, as he encounters triceratops, diplodocuses, velociraptors and even the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex along the way.

This original and innovative book will delight both younger children and older readers. The design of the book is so clever as it feels like the reader is looking through a proper book about dinosaurs. Younger readers will enjoy how interactive it is, as they peep through the holes made by Nibbles and explore what’s happening behind the different flaps.

Humour is another key element of the book, which includes dad jokes, poop jokes, and jokes that will go over the heads of younger children. Yarlett uses visual humour wonderfully too, especially in the way the holes reveal different characters depending on which side the hole is looked through.

Not only is this a clever, playful book, but it is beautifully illustrated by the author. Swirling pen designs, subtle patterns and a rich palette of colours are a delight to the eye.

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide is a book that would appeal to all sorts of readers and would be a welcome addition to any school library.