Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki

Myths – Nothing but a story and a beginning or a great way to learn more about history and also ourselves? This new collection of Norse myths is beautifully balanced between the scary and the funny stories. These dramatic, enthralling and atmospheric tales are based on the Scandinavian myth cycle – one of the greatest and most culturally significant stories in the world – and tell of Odin with his one eye, Thor with his mighty hammer and Loki, the red-haired, shape-shifting trickster.

The legends of Odin, Thor, Loki, their families and also their enemies are brought to life with fantastic retellings from master storyteller Crossley-Holland. With a simplicity of language that at the same time doesn’t talk down to children, the author has made this collection accessible to younger readers as well as those well able to read for themselves.

These retellings are brought to life with stunning illustrations that are, at first glance, just stark black and white pictures, but the more you look at them, the more details start to appear, and the pictures begin to tell their own part of the story. The bold accents of colour work very well.

The fantastic illustrations help make this collection accessible even for younger children who might not be able to read the stories by themselves.