North Child

The heroine Rose is the youngest of seven children and she is an unusual child. She is a North facing child meaning that she is to possess qualities such as wildness, restlessness and have an adventurous spirit. One night the family home is visited by the rare and powerful white polar bear, who promises good fortunes on the condition that they let Rose go with him. This is when Rose decides that in order to save her family, she would have to embark on an epic adventure.

North Child is based on the Norwegian fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon and is set in a beautiful and wondrous landscape.The story is told through multiple perspectives, from Rose, to Neddy, Father, White Bear and The Evil Troll Queen. This allows the reader to experience different layers of the story and also gives a real insight into the minds of the characters. Throughout the story you’ll also find  that the characters themselves have beautifully written and enchanting prose and poetry.

Pattou intimately describes Norwegian  lifestyle and traditions such as food, music, literature and storytelling. She wonderfully describes the process of weaving garments with such care and attention to detail. The progress of map making is brought to life as Rose and her father travel through the mystifying Arctic landscape. Overall, it is an excellent read and a very captivating story.