Nose Knows: Wild Ways Animals Smell The World

This excellent guide to animals and their wonderful sense of smell shows an invisible world of all things nosey. Did you know that rats, dogs and pigs all use their noses to help humans? Or that an elephant has a sense of smell five times more developed than a human and is twice as sensitive as a dog’s?

Figueras gives an insight into how crucial an animal’s nose is for their survival; from helping them find food and detect danger, to locating family members. Pages of De Gastold’s bold illustrations are filled with animals of every shape and size in their environments. The lift-the-flap allows readers to get a closer look at the biology and mechanics of how an animal uses their sense of smell.

This book reveals close relationship between the nose and all things smelly, including how animals mark their territories, how stinkiness in lemurs is a sign of being healthy, or how opossums let their predators believe they are dead. Young readers can learn how the shape of noses matters – from nostrils to antennae, tentacles and beaks. This book is crammed with a fascinating array of ways animals can take in information through their nose; from tiny newborn kangaroos to giant polar bears, young readers will learn all about how animals smell their world.