Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake

If you were expecting a traditional alphabet book then this is not the story for you, instead we have a puzzling mystery that bear must solve, which just happens to be in alphabetical format.

Who has stolen Bear’s cake? McLaughlin’s picture book crime story outlines an alphabetical array of culprits and crime scenes. Among the suspects are Fox, who has form (see the Gingerbread man’s munched head); a shocking Jack In The Box; and Octopus, with long tentacles that could definitely reach. Bear unfairly blames Pig and decides to dish out the cruellest of punishments – exile with a xylophone-playing penguin.

However, Walrus has spotted something! Bear’s frosting-smeared face and protestations leads to an alarming revelation. Boutavant’s comedic capture of a guilty party in obvious denial about their part in a crime adds to the humour of this tale. The reader will soon see that the case stacks up against only one character. A false narrative of funny incidents expertly captured in Boutavant’s expressive characterisations makes this a sure-fire hit.