Now or Never: A Dunkirk Story

‘I was very young and had little experience of cruelty. But, when we reached France, I witnessed the horror and savagery of war firsthand. Cruelty lingered everywhere in conflict. A nasty business and no mistake.’

This captivating and at times thrilling as well as hard-hitting adventure is the first book in an exciting new historical ‘Voices’ series shining a light on unsung stories from the past.

Now or Never is an engrossing war-time adventure about Private Fazal Khan, a young Indian soldier far away from his small village chasing a romantic idea of what it means to fight for a country that isn’t his home. Inspired by his beloved grandfather’s stories of the Great War, Fazal decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, signing up to fight in the Second World War. Unfortunately, he soon realises that the stark reality of war is very different from the heroic tales he had romanticised about as a boy. Escaping enemy fire and fighter planes without much food and low morale is very different to the peaceful existence and bucolic way of life in his small village back home. As well as dealing with being outnumbered by the enemy, Fazal and his fellow Indian soldiers also have to contend with prejudice, discrimination and betrayal from some British soldiers.

This poignant war-time tale from award-winning and critically acclaimed writer Bali Rai will capture readers, transporting them to war-torn France as they make their way to the evacuation zone in Dunkirk.