Odd Dog Out

Beginning with the bright, colourful cover, children will be drawn to Rob Biddulph’s latest book, Odd Dog Out. This is the story of Odd Dog who, although she is happy with her own colourful attire, feels she doesn’t fit in the busy city where all other dogs blend in. Told in a clever rhyming pattern, this book follows Odd Dog on her journey to find a spot where her own quirky style doesn’t seem so out of place. When she finally meets another odd dog, she realizes that being yourself is more important than blending in, and perhaps some other dogs have learned this lesson too…

The illustrations throughout the story are eye-catching and Odd Dog is a very appealing character. In fact, as all the dogs in this story are dachshunds, they are instantly interesting and amusing in their various costumes and through their unusual activities. Rob Biddulph’s sense of design shines through as his illustrations are created with vibrant colours and unorthodox page layouts. A favourite of mine shows Odd Dog spanning four seasons in her search for a place to be herself.

This is a book children will pick up off the shelves without hesitation. Visual appeal aside, the lesson in the story is one that is important for children to learn as early as possible.