Old Masters Rock: How to Look at Art with Children

Old Masters Rock is a valuable guide for parents and children to help make art enjoyable and accessible. Featuring fifty artworks ranging from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, including Renaissance, Impressionist and Baroque works among others, it is a great starting point for the study of art.

The introduction features useful tips on how to prepare for and best enjoy museum visits – from visiting the gallery’s website in advance, to selecting a few set works to focus on rather than trying to see everything. The author draws on her experience of visiting museums with her son and his friends, and the book and her ideas are very child-friendly.

The paintings are beautifully reproduced, and each is accompanied by an entry which includes fun facts relating to the subject of the painting, a short biography of the artist and discussion points and questions. The selection of paintings is very broad, and there is certainly something in here to appeal to everyone. The works are drawn from a wide range of collections, so it may be possible for many readers to see the artworks in person.

This book is most valuable for parents, and will provide a useful framework for discussing art with children. The suggested talking points encourage child and adult alike to look more closely at the artwork and help with engagement. As its title suggests, Old Masters Rock makes art appreciation fun.