On Sleepy Hill

On Sleepy Hill, it’s time to say goodnight. All the baby animals are returning to their homes to settle down for the night. Fox cubs, ducklings, geese and caribou are all being rounded up by their parents to settle in burrows, nests and hollows. Tumbling, bobbing and swooping, the little ones are determined to get their last bit of play in before darkness falls and stars begin to twinkle.

This is a beautifully produced book and one that will be read over and over again. Little fingers will enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of the die cut pages while peeping through holes to seek out the little creatures hiding here and there, amongst the beautifully detailed pages, that when opened almost appear like a theatre set.

Xuan Le’s beautiful illustrations and colour palette change subtly from dusk to night-time hues as each page is turned. This is mirrored by Patricia Hegarty’s gentle rhyming text that will calm and soothe little ones as they make their own transition from daytime into the sleepy dream world.

On Sleepy Hill also provides a gentle introduction to the natural world where children are introduced to a variety of animal species, the names of their young and their habitats.

This atmospheric book will delight the senses and invite looking and touching as much as reading and listening. It is a book that deserves to be lingered on as little details unfold with each reading and is sure to become a treasured bedtime favourite.